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Mountain Spirit runs a wide range of programs and workshops all with the outcome of holistic learning in a natural setting which help connect participants to themselves, the community (locally and globally) and the earth.

Outdoor Experiential Learning
Wilderness and Mountain Skills, and Challenge.
Stepping out of your comfort zone. A mind stretched can never return to it's old boundaries.


International Programs
Cultural Immersion:
Climbing, hiking, village and family stays and backcountry village experiences in
Peru, New Zealand and Jamaica.


Our Ultimate Concerns:
Yoga, Wellness, Meditation and a sense of joy and peace through being present.


Sustainable Lifestyles
Treading lightly and learning how to lessen our impact on the environment, and how to grow your own food, build your own shelter. Good skills to know during, and after Peak Oil


Solo Experiences
The powerful experience of being solo in the mountains of New Zealand, the woods of New England, or the desert of Utah


Indigenous Wisdom

Those that have lived traditional lives on the planet can teach us much. We actively seek their advice.



Healthy Communication
Walking the Talk - Spiritual practice with "follow through."

Seminars,and workshops,
author's lectures, Kirtan, Climate Change, Shamanism,


MSI Service Projects
Website, Blog, Funding, Scholarships


Please contact us for more information regarding any of our programs.

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