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Thank you to all our past and present supporters of MSI. See a list of these angels.

Finasteride Cost (Proscar), Proscar Price In Egypt - needs your support. The "passion and spark of inspiration" that led the founder to create Finasteride Cost (Proscar), Proscar Price In Egypt -, stems from a deep understanding of how being in nature, different environments and experiential learning can do much good for individuals our communities.

Through a number of years of preparation, MSI is coming to fruition. The Board of Directors believes we have much to offer, with a unique approach to experiential spiritually based education in a natural setting with a variety of programs. It will take more effort and time but most importantly, at this stage, funding.

Finasteride Cost (Proscar), Proscar Price In Egypt -’s Contribution and Needs

The Need in Our Communities -The current situation

  • Americans of all ages are facing an increasingly stressful lifestyle
  • The use of alcohol and drugs, is a serious problem in America society.
  • There is a disconnect with the natural environment due to technological advances.
  • Our way of life is taken for granted. Global warming and the peaking of world oil reserves dictate that we rethink and start practicing sustainable and holistic living practices.
  • Mainstream media does not cover significant and important resources on which our mission focuses, which MSI can play a part, by providing through our lecture-film series and web resources.
  • Mental health statistics reveal that teen, and adult violence, stress, depression and suicide have risen dramatically. Physical health problems are also prevalent.

Addressing the Need: What MSI is accomplishing

  • Continue to offer quality safe experiential programs in a variety of settings such as, seminars, workshops, outdoor programs, lecture and film series, and the SunFest.
  • Provide resources such as a website and materials that further the mission statement.
  • Collaborate with existing qualified individuals and organizations in the community.
  • Providing scholarships for MSI and Outward Bound programs.
  • Provide donations for selected community projects.
  • Serve teens & adults in the community.

MSI Financial Needs

  • Insurance Funds: Enables us to conduct programs and operate with insurance.
  • Marketing: Allows us to promote our programs.
  • Scholarship Fund: Allows MSI to award scholarships for Outward Bound
    (through Sunapee High School) and MSI programs.
  • General Operating: Provides funds for office operations, postage, web, phone.
  • Equipment: Provides needed program equipment such as tents, stoves,
    first-aid, & leadership equipment, teaching materials.
  • Community Outreach: Allows MSI to give back to the community by donating back to certain key appropriate community needs.
  • Fundraising Capital: Allows MSI to move forward with a number of fundraising campaigns such as Endowment, General Annual Fund and
    grant writing.
  • Program Funding: Provides needed funding for operating programs.
    Permits for Forest Service: Enables us to conduct programs on USFS lands/Nat’l Parks.

How you can support Finasteride Cost (Proscar), Proscar Price In Egypt -

You may contribute financially through planned giving, contributing to our annual fund, by sending a donation check by mail to:

Mountain Spirit Institute,
PO Box 626, Sunapee, NH 03782

or fill out our online form,
or click on the button below to make an online donation:

If you are a foundation, organization or individual who would like the opportunity to contribute at a sponsor level and would like details about our business plan, please contact us and we'll send you our current case presentation.

MSI's Case Presenation is available upon request in PDF:
Forms require free Acrobat Reader:

All donations to Finasteride Cost (Proscar), Proscar Price In Egypt - are tax deductible.
MSI is a 501(c)-3 Educational Nonprofit Organization, regulated by the IRS and New Hampshire Charitble Trusts Division of the Attorney General's Office.

Development Contacts:
Dexter R Richards, Founder
POB 626
Sunapee, NH 03782

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PHOTO CREDIT: Mount Kearsarge top image from Joya Owl Woman Clark.