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Traditional Textiles
MSI Products


Engaging in "Fair Trade" practices under guidance from the Fair Trade Federation.
Fair Trade, a system based on direct relationships and partnerships between buyers in the global north and producing communities in developing countries. Fair Trade helps ensure that farmers and artisans throughout the developing world receive a fair price for their products, that communities are healthy, and the environment is preserved.
You play an important role in promoting Fair Trade. By shifting your spending to support Fair Trade, and by demanding that businesses make Fair Trade products available, you can reshape the global economy to one that works for people and the planet.

TO ORDER: Click here to cruise the bottom of page

Custom Made Woman's Boots From Cusco, Peru:

When we walked into Mariano's boot shop in Cucso we knew we were looking at quality products. I trained as an apprentice bootmaker in Austria, so was familiar with the traditional European bootmaking techniques when I saw them. And here they were in Cusco, Peru, in the form of high quality suede boots, custom made right in the shop. Mariano takes an outline of one's foot, then gets to work. While we lived in Cusco we talked with him to see if we could order from the states. At an international fair we had put the boots out and they proved so popular, we decided to put them on our website. All proceeds go to the bootmaker, and to Mountain Spirit Institute to further our non-profit educational mission and programs.

  • Hand made from Cusco Peru
  • Unique, not mass marketed
  • Very popular with the few people who have ordered them.
  • Custom to your foot: We (or you can) outline your foot, and we send it via DHL courier directly to Cusco where Mariano completes the order in three days and sends the boots back by DHL
  • Suede leather
  • Insulated
  • Inlaid with traditional local handmade weavings, done on backstrap looms
  • Lug Sole made by "Cat" (simlar to Vibram)
  • Very comfortable
  • Made to order.
  • We place orders when we have nine or ten orders together.
  • SIZING: What does Mondo Size mean? It's your foot length measured in centimeters. The most reliable international sizing option. The other is Woman's European sizing.
  • GENERIC SIZES OPTION: Some generic sizes are in stock and ship in 24hrs. See below.
    Custom made:
    $210.00 plus $30.00 I'l DHL I'l Shipping and ground shipping within the U.S.
    Regular sizes:
    (below)$190.00 plus shipping within the U.S. from NH, USA,
    These boots pictured below are in stock and ready to ship

Pair #1 Size:36/Mondo: 23.5 - Pair #2 Size:35/Mondo 23 - Pair#3 Size:35/Mondo: 23

Pair #5 Size36/Mondo 23.5 - Pair #6 Size:37.5/Mondo 24

Pair#7 Size:35.5/Mondo:23 - Pair #8 Size:37/Mondo 23.75- Pair #9 Size:35/Mondo 23

Pair #10 Size: 39/Mondo25 Pair #11 Size:38/Mondo -

Pair #13 Size: 38/Mondo25 - Pair#14 Size:39/Mondo -- - Pair#15 Size:40/Mondo --
(not yet finished entering size info)

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Handmade "Mantas":

  • Manta, or throw
  • Hand made from Cusco region Peru in the Sacred Valley near Cusco and Machu Picchu.
  • Done on backstrap looms, two panels then stiched together.
  • Traditional Weave
  • Wall hanging or throw
  • All proceeds after expenses goes to the weavers, vendors and Mountain Spirit Programs.
  • PRICES: 195- 295.00 Depending upon weave and detail.
  • Call for detailed images of individual items.
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours

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Museum Quality Handmade "Manta":

  • Extremely fine quality weave
  • Manta, suitable for fine hanging and/or framing
  • Hand made from Willoc Peru in the Sacred Valley near Cusco and Machu Picchu.
  • Done on backstrap looms, two or three panels then stitched together.
  • Traditional Weave/A true work of art
  • All proceeds after expenses goes to weavers in Willoc, Peru
  • PRICES: $250-$425 Depends upon detail of weave.
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours


Peruvian Textile #01

Peruvian Textile #02

Peruvian Textile #03

Peruvian Textile #04

Peruvian Textile #05

Peruvian Textile #06

Peruvian Textile #07

Peruvian Textile #08


  • Handmade Ponchos from the Cusco area of Peru.
  • All weaves are traditional
  • Please specify poncho style per the photo on right.
  • PRICE: Please call us
  • Special order


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Chimu Inka - New Music From the Andes

  • Their latest album recorded especially for Chimu Inka's popular 2008 USA Tour.
  • Featuring Guillermo Seminario, Wachi Taype and Mario Montalvo
  • Recorded and mastered in Peru
  • Newley re-mastered summer '09, with additional tracks added, and re-recorded vocals on two tracks.
  • Produced by Guillermo Seminario
  • Original and traditional folklore songs
  • PRICE: 15.00 + $2. Shipping
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours










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Chimu's CD : Q'ori Pankarita

  • Music of the Ancient times of the Andes
  • Chimu's first CD
  • Traditional Music that touches one's soul and lifts the spirit
  • Mostly insturmental with a few vocal tracks
  • Recorded and mastered in Peru
  • Produced by Guillermo Seminario
  • PRICE: 15.00 + $2. Shipping
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours











Chimu's CD: Pan Flute

  • Magic Melodies
  • Tunes such as Hey Jude, Yesterday, Imagine and Hotel California set to Zampona
  • Recorded and mastered in Peru
  • Produced by Guillermo Seminario
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • PRICE: 15.00+ $2. shipping
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours

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Chimu's Music DVD:

  • Execellent footage of Chimu's in action in the streets and restaurants of Cusco, Peru.
  • 25 min.
  • Includes short intro interviews with subtitles
  • Discography
  • Cusco Scenes
  • Band members
  • Produced by Randy Richards, E.D.
  • If you are a music venue interested in seeing this DVD, please contact the MSI office.
  • PRICE: 15.00, + $2. shipping
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours


Single Curved Custom Handmade Zampona :

  • Professional grade
  • 440 concert pitch
  • All reeds hand picked
  • Hand made by Guillermo Seminario in Cusco, Peru
  • Recepticles for wire Zampona holder allows one to play Guitar and Zampona at the same time
  • Also available with top ends with a bevel cut for half steps on one tube, allowing chromatic scale playing by regulating air flow across the top. One reed, two tones. Small additional charge for bevel cut.
  • Specifiy right or left for treble
  • Special Order
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka
  • Usually in key of E, but please call.
  • PRICE: 75.00

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Double row Curved Custom Handmade Zampona:

  • Professional Grade
  • 440 concert pitch
  • All reeds hand picked
  • Hand made by Guillermo Seminario in Cusco, Peru
  • Recepticles for wire Zampona holder allows one to play Guitar and Zampona at the same time
  • Top Quality worksmanship
  • Specifiy right or left for treble
  • Special Order
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • PRICE: 175.00






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Beginner's Handmade Zampona:

  • Top Quality Grade
  • 440 concert pitch
  • All reeds hand picked
  • Hand made by Guillermo Seminario in Cusco, Peru
  • These were brought to the USA by Guillermo on Chimu Inka's last tour.
  • Top Quality worksmanship
  • Specifiy right or left for treble
  • Includes Instruction book
  • PRICE: 45.00
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours








Quena Flute Handmade:

  • Professional Grade
  • 440 Concert pitch
  • Top Quality
  • These were brought to the USA by Guillermo on Chimu Inka's last tour.
  • Beautiful workmanship and woods
  • All proceeds after expenses go to Chimu Inka,
  • Bone mouthpiece
  • Instruction Book
  • Neck strap
  • Made by Guillermo Seminario in Cusco, Peru
  • PRICE: 95.00
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours



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Handmade Charango :

  • Professional Grade
  • Nylon string
  • 10-string standard model
  • Top quality workmanship
  • Made in Cusco, Peru by Guillermo Seminario and friends.
  • Includes Book
  • PRICE: 250.00
  • With Case: add 50.00
  • Electronics: add 75.00










Unidentified Jungle Pet:

  • Not for sale
  • Last seen as a 2 month-old, near Chocaquirao Ruins, on the trail north to Tambo Pampa, at the caretaker's residence.
  • Snout like a pig, tail like a racoon, teeth like razors, personality like a monkey.
  • This orphan was found in the field eating the caretaker's corn, so they rescued him and their corn by feeding and caring for him in their home.



Sunapee SunFest "Green T":

Support a green living and a great cause with a Sunapee SunFest T-Shirt!

- All organic cotton
- Natural waterbased inks
- All made in the USA
- No sweatshop labor
- "Clothing facts" label on sleeve
- All proceeds go to MSI programs
- In stock - Ships in 24 hours
- $12.00





Sunapee's Holistic Health & Sustainability Festival Sticker:

  • Show your interest in Holistic Health and Sustainability!
  • High Quality Vinyl Sticker
  • 4.75 x 2.75
  • Thick black border
  • True brilliant colors
  • PRICE: 1.00 incl. shipping
  • In stock - Ships in 24 hours


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Mountain Spirit Institute Cusco Music Exchange Sticker:

  • These stickers are all over Cusco
  • Be the first in your neighborhood
  • 4.75 x 2.75
  • Blue on white
  • non-vinyl sticker
  • Paper based
  • Made in Peru
  • limited supply
  • PRICE: 1.00 incl. shipping


- Sales from MSI products go to support MSI programs.
- Products pictured above are representations.
- Your order will represent the closest approximation of the item pictured.
- Quality will be comparable or exceed that of that of items depicted.
- Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
- Please contact us for shipping and rate info.

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